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Scrubber Systems

Acid Scrubber System

Our Acid scrubber systems are constructed from FRP or PVC materials. Packed bed acid scrubbers can be a horizontal or vertical arrangement.

Constituents normally scrubbed by packed bed scrubber systems are:


This horizontal packed bed scrubber and duct system is constructed of specially formulated fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), impregnated with graphite.

The small gray tower beside the bulk chemical storage tank is a PVC constructed tank vent packed bed scrubber designed to scrub the displaced air from the storage tank during tank filling of acids like: HCL, H2SO4, HF, and HNO3.

This foundry scrubber systems on MEA and TEA gases off a core process. Notice the sand drop-off box prior to the scrubber.

Dust Scrubber System
Our dust scrubber systems include the specially designed pump-less venturi scrubber the HydroLance.

Wet dust scrubbing is used to handle wet sticky dusts and highly explosive dusts like aluminum or titanium dusts.

This custom dust scrubber is applied to a valve bagging machine.

The wet dust collector to the left controls combustible dusts like: aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and many others.

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